New Litter 5 females and 5 males - born August 7, 2019

Gor von Haus Milesevac ( Sire)


Pinky von Mining (Dam)

Zina the Mom

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Additional Information

Our puppies are born in our home with us attending them from the moment they are born.   We weigh and mark each one with a different color to be able to track them.  Each day they are all weighed and examined to make sure they are healthy.  Starting at 3 days of age we start a Biosensor Routine. The description is as follows:

The importance of early puppy handling cannot be stressed enough, which is why many breeders of the top-performing dogs today use a system known as the Biosensor Routine. The Routine was discovered by the U.S. military during wartime and instituted into the country's military canine training program. Dogs that were handled using the biosensor routine were found to outperform litter mates that were not handled using the biosensor routine in high-intensity situations. Not only did they out-perform, but they were also found to have an increased tolerance to stress, stronger immune systems, stronger heart rates and breathing rates, stronger nervous systems, and better and more consistent temperaments. They were also found to have longer life spans being used as service dogs later into life than their unexposed siblings.

So what is this miracle routine, how much does it cost, and how much work is it?

The Biosensor Routine is a series of five simple exercises. They are performed on each puppy once a day, starting at three days of age. Each exercise lasts a minimum of three seconds to a maximum of five seconds per exercise. The last exercise is completed on the 16th day. The way that the Super Puppy Routine works is that it puts the neonatal puppies under a very small and very controlled amount of stress. Because the stress is mild, the puppies are able to recover from it quickly and easily. This allows the puppies to learn to cope with and recover from small amounts of stress at an early age. This, in turn, helps them use these coping mechanisms later in life when dealing with higher levels and intensities of stress. The ability to cope with stress as an adult has a positive effect on the body. Because the dog is able to cope and rebound, the body isn’t flooded with stress hormones (which hinder thought, cognition, reasoning, immune system functioning, maturity, growth, healing, recovery from illness and injury, and other life processes).

Born 9/27/2018

Bella V 1 female For Sale

BELLA  just turned 1 the end of september and is from Great working lines . She is from our imported female Zena (Pinky von Mining) and Pirlo Armandia Lidderdali  BH IOP1 Kkl 1 who is still in Europe. She loves people and  loves to be a part of everything that is going on.   Super aware, always the first one to hear or see visitors or wildlife as they come through our property.  Would make a great addition to any family or breeding program .  Received her international VA1 title in October! 


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